Level Three Fun by Pon

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  • Level I: This class series is for students who are new to this dance/fitness venue. In addition to the full mind/body/spirit workout, you learn pole “basics” and the fundamentals of “flying.”
  • Level lI: This class series is for women who have mastered the moves taught in Level I, feel confident enough with their dance/fitness background to move through techniques more quickly, and want a more rigorous workout with more advanced pole moves.
  • Level III: Graduates of Level II, moving on to Level III, start “flying” high, learn the first inverted moves, and participate in a highly vigorous sensual workout.
  • Level IV: This advanced sensual workout series incorporates combination pole moves and the addition of creative adaptations and improvisation.
  • Level V: After mastering the Level IV moves, this series builds on those skills for more strength and confidence. There will be more moves higher on the pole and in combination with each other.
  • Level VI: You will learn some of the fancy and awe inspiring moves you see in pole dancing competitions around the country and the world.
  • Level VII: You will learn some fun and challenging moves that will prepare you for Level VIII…then on to the “Super Stars!.” Students need to have completed Level VI before advancing to this level.
  • Level VIII: Big move, as you start picking up the awe-inspiring maneuvers you see in pole dancing competitions around the country and the world. Students need to have completed Level VII before advancing to this level. “Super Stars”: This is for our pole dancing divas!!! You have completed Level 8 and continue to strive & thrive on learning new and exciting strength building and exhilarating movements. Your “sacred circle” sisters here; support, share, and stimulate stretching your possibilities to push through your current boundaries and maximize your potential! This is truly a group of amazing and elite athletes!

COMING SOON: Own Your Power

This will be a series for TEENS focusing on poise, posture, self-confidence, boundaries, and possessing your personal power as a blooming young woman. There will be at least as much psyhological development and physical movement involved in these classes and strictly “PG 13.”

Subtly Sensual

This class series is for women looking for a less vigorous workout but still super sexy! It will meet for 4 consecutive weeks and be an introduction to sensual movement (on and off the pole) that doesn’t involve any “flying” moves. A great energizer, libido, and confidence booster! Note: This class level is currently inactive and, with demand, can be reactivated in the future. When you click either button to the left, a second page will come up on top of this one, that has all of our current and future classes. If you’re ready to move forward, just follow the directions to sign up for the class that interests you. If you have any problems with the system, or if the class is already filled, please just call 808-262-6979 and we’ll fix the problem or work with you to find the class day/time that works for you. Note: you may need to turn off your pop-up window blocker to access this page.